I Saloni WorldWide Moscow

7 December 2017

CROCUS EXPO 2017 – I Saloni WorldWide

A year of recovery for the Russian market

The affection that Bakokko Group feels for the Russian costumer is reciprocated with massive influx of visitorsto company’s exhibition stand and toitsdecennaryagency, located in Moscow.

Bakokko Group is distinguished it self among the 300 exhibiting companies, by true Italian elegance of its furniture as well as by fulfilling prestigious bespoke furnishing projects for elite customers.

Unique and unrepeatable projects, carefully designed paying attention to every detail, and equipped with the most innovative Hi-Tech solutions, to meet the market demand of excellence.

Research and Made in Italy Design

A particular attention was dedicated to the architects, to the interior designers and to the private customers.

Thanks to the company’s expert designers, able to understand and fulfil in the best way possibledemands, client feels himself attended to the discovery of his own taste and style.

Exclusive and excellent quality products, hi-tech and innovative solutions are a must in the furnishing solutions for Russian houses without spending limit.

Bakokko Group has always believed in the Russian market despite the economic difficulties, that all Italian companies operating in the area meet lately, andcontinually invests resources in research and study of new models and innovative projects.The company’s presence is constant even enhanced by knowing deeply the soul and the tastes of the most demanding and sophisticated customers.

Bakokko Group plans to expand its presence atthe Russian marketand strengthen the image in the imminent future,participating at the most important events, dedicated to the luxury, in one of the most beautiful territories on the Planet.

This year we were present at stand D36 – E39

See you in Moscow next year!

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