From classic furniture to bespoke furnishing solutions

More than 60 years experience

In 1956, Morello Otildo put the beginning of this over 60-year-long history of mastery and craftsmanship, in Casale di Scodosia (Italy, Venice region), today a district of classic style artisan furniture.

Passion for woodworking passed down to his sons, who in 1986 created company F. lli Morello, which became, in 2007, the modern Morello Gianluca srl.


In 2006, with the acquisition of the brand Bakokko merged rich manufacturing experience, high professionalism and excellent commercial vision of the market trends, and soon became on international level a byword for top-quality products “Made in Italy”.

Bakokko’s history is the evolution from simple manufacturing of chairs to creating prestigious classical furniture and complex individual furnishings with bright artistic nature.

Nowadays Bakokko meets every challenge of the global luxury market:


  • an experienced team of professionals able to understand client’s desire and shape it in the best way possible;
  • excellent finish and attention to the smallest detail as result of important cooperation with international market leaders for providing materials, such Rubelli for the textiles, Swarovski for crystals and one of the leading companies in production of door security equipment.
  • maximum privacy and constant post sale presence and continuing development of customer relationship, when desired.

Bakokko Group's Product Range

  • – Ornate interior and entrance doors,
  • – Classic style wall paneling (boiserie),
  • – Frescoed false ceilings,
  • – Stained glass windows, lamps and details in Tiffany technique or other art glass,
  • – Curtains and
  • – Lighting

along with

  • -Elegant pieces of furniture

this is the range of Bakokko products: made in Italy  for refined total look furnishing solutions.


The real mission of Bakokko consists in the constant search of new models and creative finishes, fusing the latest technologies with traditional manual work, to guarantee a real classic touch that best suits our modern times.

For the lovers of antique Bakokko proposes antique furniture reproduction. Our skilled craftsmen are able to convey authenticity by deep knowledge of woodworking of the past,  taking the utmost care in using materials and techniques which perfectly respect the historic periods. Our master artisans create pieces of furniture that is not only a simple reproduction, but a “genuine period furniture”.

Bakokko Style

Classic but versatile, always exclusive, inspired by the aesthetic precepts of the Italian elegance, the Bakokko style is based on a philosophy whereby a piece of furniture is transformed into an aesthetic pleasure.

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