The Masters of Luxury

Who is a craftsman?

The Craftsman is an artist and worker, who, through the experience and tools, knows how to transform raw materials, such as iron, wood, clay, precious metals in unique although similar piece of work. Sometimes the specific tolls, used to create these items of high economic and historical value, are designed by craftsman itself.


Thanks to mastery of these people, today we can admire antique works of art, enjoy the evolution of objects for public use and unique pieces of high economic value.


Before the Industrial Revolution, the entire production of the objects was made by persons capable to transform the raw material into functional and decorative objects- useful and precious.


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Definizione di Artigiano Definizione di Artigianato

When we talk about Italian artisan production of furniture, we talk about real artists, more unique than rare, able to produce objects of absolute sophistication. Hours of their work are lost in time and are all transformed into precious elegant furniture that represent the highest concept of luxury and art.




The perfection and uniqueness of design, achieved by Italian classic and luxury furniture artisans, are famous all over the world, unreachable and inimitable by any other, even the most sophisticated machine.


We, Bakokko Group, maintain and preserve this ancient art, passing it from father to son as one of the more rare riches, of which today’s Italy is proud.

The luxury furniture is not only mastery: it expresses the sensitivity that makes a piece unique, a personal wealth of who commissioned it, because it’s made ad personam. The piece of furniture art becomes an indivisible part of his own life, a precious object that identifies all the characteristics of the person that lives in such elegant and unique space.

Italian craftsman is an artist

Generally an artist is a person able to express oneself through Art. Who better than craftsman of the luxury furniture or a goldsmith knows how to do this?

  • Sculpture
  • Design
  • Aesthetics
  • Creativity

these concepts are in DNA of an Italian furniture craftsman. Knowing how to express oneself sensing customer’s sensitivity assumes and requires might ancestral degree of energy alignment.


Craftsmanship: the ultimate expression of luxury "Made in Italy”

Luxury is synonymous with Made in Italy. When somewhere in the world someone search for luxury goods of every type, in fact he is searching for high quality and unique design products Made in Italy. From handcrafted shoes and personalized sportscars to bespoke complex furnishing, Italian craftsmanship is valued as one of the highest forms of luxury worldwide.

Crafted in Italy

Italian craftsmanship is not afraid of comparisons or competition, although in the rest of the world we can admire skilled hands creating beautiful objects. Italian craftsman products are the quintessence of excellence, protected by special laws and register of manual trades. In April 2010, was drawn up in the International Charter of Artistic Craftsman.

Carta Internazionale dell’Artigianato Artistico

Artisanal Food

When we talk about craftsmanship, we can’t forget the Italian Cuisine.

The Italian cuisine is one of the most varied and worldwide appreciated, thanks to the rich history of the Italian people and the special microclimate of the Italian regions.


Even food can be considered product of skilled craftsmanship. In the Italian cuisine there is plenty of typical dishes that come down to us by local traditions and stories, ranging from simple dishes  prepared in few minutes to the most sophisticated flavors and aroma experiences.


Nobody in the world can boast so many varieties of wines. The Italian wine is the highest example of excellence! We mean not the well known wine industry leaders, but thousands of small businesses in the territory that produce excellent vine. Italian artisanal wine is a result of delicate producing and expert care that make some of the local products unique and exciting.

Artisan wine does not mean amateur

There is a difference between what is done for simple personal amusement and what is created to give light to a unique local product, often with native indigenous grapes. In the wine is filed away the history of humanity and the territory to which it belongs. Only the craftsman (the winemaker) holds the keys of its secrets.

Italy is Craftsmanship

There is no doubt that Italy, this small country on the world map but the richest of priceless heritage, is predominantly artisan. Each Italian treasures in his soul hint of creativity and grains of knowledge that can be transformed into seeds, ready to sprout up when they find fertile soil.

Italian craftsmanship is sought after worldwide, often copied, but never reached.

Luxury is part of our being Italian because it is not pomp and vain display, but detail, style and unquestionable elegance. Fine tiny elements capable to catch attention and make you feel empathy.

Luxury is visible in a piece of furniture in a space, enclosed by walls, when the same walls become works of art, adorned by the skilled hands of craftsmen.

Bakokko Group represents artisan Italy, its ultimate elegance and exclusivity.

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